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Total ICO score: 79/100
Site: 95/100
Time to market: 75/100
Team: 82/100
WP+idea: 76/100
Technology: 72/100
Media: 70/100

Undal Technologies is Decentralized Advanced-Technologies company that focuses on creating technological solutions for the average issues Africans face today - using it to negate the possibility of corruption, and create a Decentralized, Privatized, and Empowered Africa.

Undal Technologies created a token called the Undal Prime Token which is a decentralized ERC20 Utility Token (which is used as a coupon) to purchase Undal Tech Products. It is created on top of the Ethereum Blockchain to secure your tokens. With the purchase of a UPT everyone will play a part in the return of the African sovereignty, experience African unity and help build a land that provides abundance, evolved education and thriving lands and its people from now on. KEBULA will be a Super DAPP with a cultural infused A.A.I (African Artificial Intelligence) that users can do just about anything, including play games, send money to people, make video calls, order food, read the news, make reservations, and more.

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