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Total ICO score: 86/100
Site: 85/100
Time to market: 90/100
Team: 90/100
WP+idea: 89/100
Technology: 82/100
Media: 84/100

Plentix is one-stop innovative platform that disrupts the referral economy using state-ofthe-art blockchain technology. It leverages new software architecture concepts such as configurable modules to enable developers to use Plentix’s open source API to design and launch their own admin panels to better manage referral campaigns - via blockchain technology.

Plentix also represents a tokenized economy entry. Plentix’s tokens (PTN’s) are issued to investors. These tokens can be redeemed and used on the Plentix platform to accelerate referral interactions. Businesses that onboard the platform will have full visibility and traceability of their referrer’s journey and have access to a full suite of analytics to support them with future campaign planning.

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