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Total ICO score: 83/100
Site: 83/100
Time to market: 86/100
Team: 90/100
WP+idea: 90/100
Technology: 80/100
Media: 81/100

Midas is an investment app with a focus on retail investors. Midas provides users with access to the Melon protocol, a decentralized fund management system. This eliminates the need for intermediaries like banks or brokers to manage assets and grants full control and transparency to users. Midas’ key function is the Midas Touch. With the Midas Touch users can buy crypto assets or invest in other users’ portfolios. It is as easy to use as a “like” button, but for investments. Midas takes a playful gamification approach that allows users to organize in groups, compete, level up and work their way to the top.

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