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Hyperion - Free Market Ecosystem

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Total ICO score: 84/100
Site: 88/100
Time to market: 75/100
Team: 91/100
WP: 86/100
Technology: 91/100
Media: 80/100

What is Hyperion?
Hyperion is a community driven space, where an organic self sufficient ecosystem is created. It includes a decentralized market place with rewards for watching ads and completing surveys, as well as a foolproof tipping tool, designed to inspire good will and stimulate content and transactions.

Each user has a customizable and interactive interface; which includes a feed of friends or "Buds" who provide content, products or services. Also included is an array of dApps, tools and features that unlock as a user progresses through their stages.

The Vision
We anticipate a shift in the way people think about currency and community.The timing of blockchain is visceral in the landscape of current technological growth and as we get closer to full automation, our relationship with our current job structure will adjust accordingly.

Hyperion will act as a bridge to a community that grows together organically. We aim to provide an autonomous, decentralized, free market ecosystem. As you interact with the community, you can earn tokens and be free to pursue ideas, passions and personal improvement.

Let's imagine our community as a planet, and start with the layers of our Ecosystem...

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