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Total ICO score: 86/100
Site: 85/100
Time to market: 100/100
Team: 90/100
WP+idea: 90/100
Technology: 85/100
Media: 85/100

Your personal wealth manager for cryptoassets. B21 is a project to make cryptoasset investing easy for first time and experienced investors. We plan to enable a whole new class of investing in which the assets are cryptoassets, including cryptocurrencies, altcoins and other future crypto assets such as digital goods and services. To reduce the complexity of which cryptoassets to invest in, B21 will provide pre-selected coins and tokens which have been selected by our management team for customers to choose from. Cryptoassets will be evaluated based upon a wide criteria, including business model, management team, market cap, liquidity, industry impacts and importantly the problem being solved and the size of the industry.

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