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Total ICO score: 84/100
Site: 84/100
Time to market: 80/100
Team: 95/100
WP+idea: 92/100
Technology: 83/100
Media: 85/100

Mobiuz provides Chrono-HyperLocalized HD touchscreen interactive video advertisements to worldwide passengers of Bus, Taxi and Uber vehicles, and rewards the Drivers/ Operators of these vehicles for every (validated) advertisement they successfully deliver, through the automated Facial and Eyeball tracking AI. Marketers and Advertisers decide for themselves what is fair price for these AdSlots through bidding, and Time-To-Market is at an astounding 24-hrs, globally, i.e. an Advertiser in Germany is able to reach out to millions of targeted Singaporean customers within 24 hours.

The Passengers, too, take part in the ecosystem, rewarding themselves with Loyalty points that can be redeemed for cash, prizes and promotions, while enjoying edutainment of businesses around them at their current given location.

Mobiuz enjoys an extremely high, Blockchain-Class security, scalability, and marketability infrastructure, while boasting extremely low overheads, turnaround time and automation, thanks to its heavy leveraging of Smart Contract technologies.

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