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Total ICO score: 73/100
Site: 73/100
Time to market: 80/100
Team: 98/100
WP+idea: 73/100
Technology: 78/100
Media: 71/100
Gas turbines GTT-3 (M) and GTT-3PN are used in UKL-7 units for the manufacture of non-concentrated nitric acid. It is the basis for manufacture of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate and its modifications), as well as complex fertilizers (containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). The industry of nitric acid in the countries of the former USSR still remains the largest in the world. Gas turbines are designed and produced by 5 countries in the world including Russia.

Compared with GTT-3M, the new turbine GTT-3PN allows to produce 24,000 more tons of nitric acid per year (22% of the total manufacture of one turbine per year), which is equivalent to a gain of $ 3.5 million per year.

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