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Deliverers Power Token

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Deliverers Power Token (DPT) is a decentralized platform which affords delivery drivers a greater ability to choose their jobs, a greater share of the revenue, and benefits typically given to full time employees. At the same time, Deliverers Power Token provides a safe, uncomplicated and fast job sourcing platform, allowing parcel companies to source last-mile fulfilment of delivery from a pool of freelance drivers with less overhead due to the elimination of a middle man. For drivers, the platform creates a pooling effect allowing for benefits such as insurance and electric car financing. The platform utilizes a secure escrow system that reduces the bureaucratic overhead of a delivery and time to payment.

Total ICO score: 88/100
Site: 90/100
Time to market: 83/100
Team: 95/100
WP+idea: 89/100
Technology: 79/100
Media: 85/100

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