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Anything App

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Total ICO score: 84/100
Site: 83/100
Time to market: 90/100
Team: 95/100
WP+idea: 82/100
Technology: 90/100
Media: 80/100

Anything App is a search engine which gives you a list of people who can help you as the result. They are immediately available to chat, call or video-call with. The user picks someone who matches their requirements and receives assistance. Person “A” compensates person “B” for each minute of their time in AnyCoins, should person “B” have set a price beforehand. The search engine format is crucial as consumers are used to one-spot solutions. We have become used to this level of convenience.

We do not want to have a variety of Apps on our mobile device to cater to individual industries. Anything App consolidates the world’s expertise in a single location. Being part of Anything App means being part of a global network where you have access to all the information you will ever need. Should you sign up as a seller yourself, it means that once in a while you will get a call from someone, who you can help with something you are passionate about yourself. Plus, if you choose to set a price, you will get paid for doing so.

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